Ruby Gold is currently looking for resellers of our selected products particularly Dengue-Aid Tawa-Tawa (Euphorbia hirta Linn) Capsule which is available in 250 mg for children and 500 mg for adults with servings of 20 and 40 capsules per bottle. Below is a detailed list of discounts provided for specific quantity of products ordered: 30 BOTTLES = SAVE  15% 250MG 20 CAPS= SAVE UP TO  $ 16.785 OR Php  738.54 250MG 40 CAPS= SAVE UP TO $ 33.57 OR Php 1477.08 500MG 20 CAPS= SAVE UP TO $ 24.84 OR Php 1092.96 500MG 40 CAPS= SAVE UP TO $ 49.68 OR Php 2185.92


1.) Upon checking out, use Coupon code: 30Bottle to get your 15% off discount!

2.) On filling out the contact detail and shipping information form, make sure you select OFFLINE PAYMENTS as  your payment gateway and agree with our Terms and Conditions.

3.) An email as to how to pay offline via moneygram, bank transfer or western union will be provided to your given email. You may choose to follow those procedures if you prefer an offline payment and notify us at about the payment details  so we can ship your product instantly.

4.) IF YOU HAVE A PAYPAL account and prefer to pay us in this manner,there are two ways where you can pay via this process:

a.)RUBY GOLD WILL SEND YOU A PAYPAL EMAIL AS A PAYMENT REQUEST. First, email us at about your order and give us your paypal email address and we will send you a paypal REQUEST MONEY with the total amount your purchase upon ordering on our website INCLUDING THE DISCOUNT and all you have to do is click the PAY NOW button on that email to send us the payment.

b.)YOU WILL SEND THE PAYMENT TO RUBY GOLD’S PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS Or you may choose to login in your Paypal account and SEND [(**See the b. part) through clicking the SEND MONEY button] the total amount of the purchased product with the discount at our paypal email address. Email us to obtain Ruby Gold’s paypal email address at

Happy Reselling!

***Offline payments are preferred for resellers or via paypal (through sending payment from a reseller’s existing paypal account toward Ruby Gold’s paypal email address).


For Bulk orders more than 100 bottles of capsules, contact for wholesale prices.