Banaba Tea (12 Teabags)

Long since used in herbal weight-loss products, banaba has been known for its effects on controlling glucose in the blood making it ideal for diabetes, hypertension, and kidney problems. Its purgative properties also help in expelling abdominal toxins.

• Banaba tea helps lower the level of blood cholesterol.
• It can also cure kidney ailments such as kidney stones.
• Banaba tea can help in weight loss.
• Banaba tea also helps lower blood glucose.
• Banaba aids in digestion.
• Banaba contains high levels of zinc and magnesium.

How To Prepare

Place tea bag in cup of boiled water. Cover cup and allow to dissolve for 3 minutes. When warm savor the aroma and soothing taste of banaba tea.

About Banaba

There has been much research done on Banaba leaves and their ability to reduce blood sugar, and its “insulin-like principle.”  In the Philippines, Banaba is a popular medicine plant and is used in treatment of diabetes mellitus. It is high in corosolic acid which is used in many treatments for diabetes. It is a natural plant insulin, can be taken orally, and has no side effects, according to Japanese research.

Numerous studies have been done on this remarkable herb, much of it in Japan, with researchers such as Dr. Yamazaki, professor of Pharmaceutical Science, Hiroshima University School of Medicine. One study mixed banaba dried leaf powder with chicken feeds, and then analyzed the yolk of the chicken egg. When the banaba enriched egg yolk was fed to diabetic mice, their blood sugar level was normalized. In another study, the alcohol extract of banaba leaves was sprayed into the air of a room at night while the patient was sleeping via a mist generating device. It was found that as the person slept, their lungs received trace amounts of corosolic acid which helped regulate blood sugar levels.

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