Bio Enzyme Plus Juice 500ml

(SHIPMENT : ONLY Available in the Philippines , NOT for International Orders)

For Only Php 1,500.00 per bottle. (email us)

BIO ENZYME PLUS is 100% pure fruit juice extracted from apple, guava, grapes, papaya, pineapple and sugar cane. The sugar contents of sugar cane have been converted and hydrolized to fructose and glucose. It contains several kinds of enzymes which are natural substances that act as workers so that the vitamins and minerals from the food that you have eaten are readily digested, absorbed and utilized by the body. It has no chemical additives and no preservatives. Enzymes are delicate and easily destroyed by processing and cooking or heating. Therefore fermentation of these enzymes from organically grown fruits and herbs has been done to ensure its freshness …. This unique product was developed and invented by a FILIPINO natural formulator, researcher, environmentalist, systematic enzyme therapist, herbalist, phyto-therapist, and bio-naturopathy educator. It is a product of Japanese micro-biotechnology with years of intensive laboratory research and study in Japan and Russia. It is approved by the Bureau of Food and Drug (BFAD) in the Philippines. Read more Bio Enzyme Plus

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