Ruby Gold prefers Paypal as its checkout processor in the website with its reliable , trusted and safe system which protects both the buyers and sellers in the process of making purchases online. Don’t have a paypal account? Sign Up.

We accept credit cards and debit cards through using Paypal. Learn more at Credit/Debit Card Users

Offline payments is also provided with Western Union, Moneygram and Bank Transfer method.


There are two ways where Paypal Account Owners can pay through our online store.

a.) Paying through the Ruby Gold’s Shop using Paypal as a Payment Gateway upon Checkout.

1.) Upon checking out, buyers must choose PAYPAL option on the bottom of the checkout page as its payment method as shown below (Click Image to Enlarge)

2.) They will then be transferred to the secured Paypal site and may start entering the email address and password for Paypal Login. This can be seen on the right side of the site as shown below (Click Image to Enlarge).

3.) They can review all the information about their purchase after logging in and must click on the button that says PAY NOW (Click  Image to Enlarge).

4.) An email from paypal will then be sent to the email address used for paypal if the order is successful or not. Tracking number will be sent via email once the product is shipped.

For assistance in paying through the site, CONTACT US.

b.) Paying through Logging In your Paypal Account and SENDING MONEY.

1.) Login with  your account and click the SEND MONEY TAB.

2.) Fill in our paypal account email address and enter the total amount you need to pay including the shipping expenses. Take note, click on the Online Purchase tab and select GOODS. Then Click CONTINUE.

3.) You will be directed to a page where you can review your payment, make sure all the information are accurate. Then click SEND MONEY.

4.) Paypal will direct you to a page which confirms if the payment was successfully sent or not.