Ruby Gold Enterprises is a retailer company of well-selected  herbal products and has a vision in improving human health and wellness. It is one of the existing thousands of herbal retailers all throughout the Philippines who are locally dedicated to share the best products discovered to improve man’s health. Apparently, the company is steadily growing in the country and aims to established itself worldwide to help more people achieve better  lives through herbal supplements.

 *** DENGUE-AID (ASTHMA WEED/TAWA-TAWA) Despite serious  educational campaigns being done to fight against dengue, it still infects 50 to 100 million people annually, which unfortunately includes snatching 22,000 lives, victimizing mostly the children who have weaker immune system. Dengue fever is prevalent in about 100 countries around the globe reaching the Americas, Africa, the Carribean and Asia. Nearly about 40 % of the world’s population which amounts to around 2.5 billion people are living in sites where there’s great risk of transmission of the dengue virus which will teach us not to take this matter lightly. It can affect anyone of us. With this, the company believes that an profound research and study of all information about dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) must be attainable to all. It is our sincere effort to help  the people know about the underlying symptoms of this fever, thus, we are providing DENGUE-AID , a potent herbal extract from Euphorbia hirta Linn  ( commonly known as tawa-tawa). Euphorbia hirta Linn is an indigenous weed in the Philippines which had been widely considered to be of significant use to patients suffering from dengue fever based on the residents locally living in the country. It had been used multifarious times to aid the symptoms of dengue fever and had been a subject of interest for many essential researches and study. It is believed to increase the blood platelet count of the body which is normally low once an individual is affected by the dengue virus from the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. It is our commitment to provide the people with this indispensable herb without compromising quality and effectiveness of an in-demand herbal product. Hence, Dengue-Aid was extracted from all plant parts of the Euphorbia hirta Linn which includes the leaves, the stems and the roots to guarantee its efficacy.